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As many of you have noticed, all videos of lectures held on OOoCon 2007 have been online for some time. You can find them in the media archive tab on the right. Interviews held with OOoCon 2007 participants are now also being edited and will be available soon.

Once again, Kiberpipa team would like to thank you for your patience and also for your support, help and suggestions during all this time. If you have any comments or questions you are welcome to mail us to ooocon at


Kiberpipa media team is trying hard trying to post videos of lectures as soon as possible as promissed and would like to appologize everybody looking for them and not finding all online yet. Due to some unexpected technical and organizational problems, which we had no influence over we had not been able to edit and post all the videos during the time of the conference as planned. During the last two conferences - in Koper in 2005 and Lyon in 2006 - Kiberpipa team edited the videos after the lectures and during the nights, which was the reason most videos were posted during the time of those conference.
Unfortunatelly, this year in Barcelona, we did not have the conditions to be able to work through the nigh, because we have to leave univeristy already at 9 p.m. We left Barcelona on Sunday afternoon (OOoCon finished on Friday) so work was also impossible also during the weekend.
Also, because of some technical constraints, some of audio files on videos may not be so clear but we will try hard to make it clear as much as possible.

We deeply appologize in advance and want to thank everybody for patience and feedback you have been giving us through email.

So in the next week and weeks, expect more uploads!

With thank and appologies,
Kiberpipa media team

Media archive updated

There are eight more videos from OOoCon 2007 available in Media Archive:

The price is high! Is it to high?
Juergen Schmidt

Split OOo into smaller pieces
Petr Mladek

Marketing ODF to the OOo project
Charles H. Schulz

How to fix an Issue in
Michel Loiseleur

Contributing to
Martin Hollmichel

Accross the Great Wall
Peter Junge

ODF Interoperability
Robert Weir

Community Council Question & Answer

OOoCon 2007 is over

OooCon 2007 group photo

OOoCon went by really fast. The Kiberpipa team is happy to announce that we recorded all the lectures, made interviews with contributors and the organizers of the conference. Now we are pakcing our equipment and leaving University of Barcelona behind. We'll stay in Barcelona until Sunday and then hit the road back home to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We still have a lot of work to do, so for us, the conference is not yet finished. We really enjoyed the conference, although we really had a lot of work to do. Today there was some more time to chat and we also took this nice group photo. We are already looking forward to the next OOoCon.

We will be back soon with more video material so stay tuned!

A few words about our work

Our team was just discussing our workflow and its technical aspects and we realized that some people do not know what kind of tools we use and what ideas we support.

Kiberpipa is an NGO multimedia cyber center supporting and promoting opensource and free flow of information and knowledge. Adhering to this idea, we work and strive to work with opensource tools only. For OOoCon 2007, we use Ubuntu Linux distribution on our machines, for video editing we use a free opensource video-editing software called Cinelerra (and we also work on packages for Ubuntu). As you can see, we also support, use and promote Creative Commons licensing.

We would kindly like to thank the opensource software developers, especially developers for great work and all their contributions to the project! Big thanks for help and support also goes to organizers of the OOoCon 2007, who have been working hard to prepare and organize everything for our work. Of course we would also like to thank the conference participants and Media Coverage website visitors, who have been offering us feedback on our work and giving us support.

More videos available

You can now find some more videos in the media archive: OOoCon 2007 Welcome Speech, given by C. H. Schulz, L. Suarez, J. Bosch, I. Labastida and J. Corrius; and Sophie Gautier's "What's new in 2.3".

We would like to thank you all for your patience and support. More videos will be available as soon as possible. The complete amount of conference lectures and interviews will be be online approximately one week after the conference ends.

Videos of two lectures online

In our Media archive you can now find videos of two lectures from Wednesday - Dr. Barbara Held's "Towards openness and accessibility: European public administrations define their approach on document formats" and Eric Bachard's "Walking on water - hot news from the Mac OS X Aqua port". You are kindly invited to watch!

Live streaming?

As you can see, we have not been able to establish a live stream from the lectures - unfortunately, we have not been able to access the local internet connection because of technical problems and we are afraid that live streaming will have to be cancelled for now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nevertheless, the lectures are being filmed and will be online as soon as possible.

Live coverage of the conference

You will be able to follow live coverage of the conference 2007 on this link.


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